Care Ministries

All important human relationships in life take work and intentionality. Love does not grow by accident, it takes commitment. This is just as true for a church family as it is for our families at home. In a growing metropolitan community such as ours, we want to be quite deliberate about developing a caring church. This is why we organize ourselves to give care to one another.

Cluster Groups – The church membership is divided into geographical areas known as Clusters.  All people in the church are automatically assigned to a cluster.  Each cluster leader organizes the response to a need within that geographical area, calling upon members of the cluster to be of help.  In this way everybody at St. Stephen’s shares in the ministry of Caring.

Prayer Chain — Our confidential prayer chain is available 24/7.  Requests for prayer are communicated to individuals who offer prayer on behalf of others in need.  Please submit a prayer request through this website.

Hospital Visitation Team – Members volunteer to make a brief visit to those who are hospitalized, offering cheer, comfort and support.

Long Term Care – Church members help with the practical needs arising from injury or illnesses that are long term.  They may include transportation, childcare, housekeeping help, errands and other needs.

Bereavement – We care for our families, when a member dies, by providing a meal for the family.  We also have volunteers available to housesit during the funeral service.

Homebound – Our homebound members are important to us, so we make visits, send cards and keep in touch with those who are unable to be with us every week.